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The E-mail Life Coach

There are many opinions about what people should do when they need advice on life. Some believe in religion such as going to God for their answers, some believe in psychiatrists and psychologists and recently we’ve noticed celebs in the news such as Britney spears using people called “life coaches” to help them. But I noticed something similar to that offered online to everyone.
There is this website where someone can hire an e-mail life coach Chicago. This life coach is a man that says he is “highly perceptive an excel at helping others,” and that he helps you to help yourself. He charges 35.00 for one month of advice by way of e-mail. You would first e-mail him with a limit of 600 words with questions or problems you have in life and he will e-mail you back with advice. This can go back and forth for one month for your 35.00. He never states on his website that he has any formal training or professional education.

I think that paying money to receive someone’s advice on your life is pointless. I think that there should be plenty of people, actual tangible family or friends who are willing to help you, and give you advice. If you don’t have that, it would make more sense to go to a professional who has had the education or training to help you with your problems. Personally, I believe in the Bible that holds all the answers to all of life’s problems, and I say that not just because it’s my belief or religion but I can truly say first hand that God and the Bible has never failed me. I asked the life coach, who signed his email as “bamboo” what was his views on religion and he responded as “My religious views are that I believe in one God that’s created all things. And while I may gain inspiration from different religions , I do not believe any one of them is absolute truth.” So this means that he doesn’t have clergy experience either.
Mike Gregg of Calumet Park, IL said about the e-mail life coach, If each person has to give him 35.00, then its you who’s helping him. I go to Church, the Bible for help, and its always free! God puts people in our lives every day to help us through. Even difficult people who challenge us, strengthen us and help us, and it’s free.
Angela Marie of Chicago, IL agreed by saying, “I t’s really easy to tell someone what they should be doing to make their life better, its another to give them support, direction and the means to get there. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.”
Life can be difficult and everyone needs some help from time to time and because of that there will be people who try and exploit others to make a buck. Beware of this and realize in your time of need there is always a place of help that you can go to, that don’t cost a thing.