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Why Pemmican is the Perfect Food for Preppers and Survivalists

Pemmican is a high-energy, nutrient-dense food made from dried meat, fat, and sometimes berries. It has a long shelf life, is easy to store and transport, and provides essential nutrients and energy to sustain individuals during times of hardship or crisis. Here are some reasons why pemmican is the perfect food for preppers and survivalists:

  1. Long Shelf Life: Pemmican has a long shelf life, typically lasting for several months to a year, making it an ideal food for emergency situations where fresh food may not be readily available.
  2. Nutrient-Dense: Pemmican is a nutrient-dense food that is high in protein, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. It provides the necessary nutrients to sustain individuals during times of physical activity, stress, and illness.
  3. Easy to Store and Transport: Pemmican is easy to store and transport, as it can be packed into small, lightweight containers that can be easily carried in a backpack or emergency kit.
  4. High Energy Content: Pemmican is a high-energy food, providing a significant amount of calories per serving. This makes it an ideal food for individuals who need to perform physically demanding tasks during an emergency or survival situation.
  5. Versatile: Pemmican can be eaten on its own as a snack, or can be incorporated into other meals. It can be rehydrated and used in stews and soups, or eaten with vegetables or grains.
  6. Easy to Make: Pemmican is relatively easy to make, requiring only a few ingredients and minimal preparation. This makes it an ideal food for individuals who want to make their own emergency food supply.
  7. Suitable for a Variety of Dietary Needs: Pemmican is suitable for a variety of dietary needs, including paleo, keto, and gluten-free diets. It can also be made with different types of meat and fat, allowing individuals to customize the recipe to their specific dietary needs.

In conclusion, pemmican is the perfect food for preppers and survivalists due to its long shelf life, nutrient density, high energy content, versatility, and suitability for a variety of dietary needs. It provides the necessary nutrients and energy to sustain individuals during times of hardship or crisis, and is easy to store, transport, and make.

Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa

Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa is a haven of tranquility in the centre of the City of Angels.

As you enter the hotel you are greeted by a torrent of water cascading from the upper lobby to a lily pond. Polished hardwood floors, flower arrangements, lots of natural light and the clever use of tropical plants and flowers give the impression of a traditional Thai house: warm, cozy and friendly where the welcome is genuine.

The polished hardwood floors are followed through into the guest rooms and a further Thai accent is provided by the muted tones of the furniture and furnishings. Bathrooms are big, light and airy with walls and floor of cool beige stone. The facilities are exemplary too, large screen TV, broadband Internet access and of course tea and coffee facilities and a well-stocked mini-bar.

Marriott Resort Royal Suite Luxury

For real luxury then the Royal Suite is a must. It boasts a master bedroom, a twin bedroom, living room fully equipped with the latest in entertainment gadgets. Add to this a boardroom big enough for 12 people along with a separate kitchen and dining area makes and the Royal Suite an outstanding living space.

Bangkok Marriott Resort Junior and Executive Suites

If the Royal Suite is occupied the Junior and Executive Suites are just as luxurious if on a smaller scale but includes the use that most coveted of hotel luxuries the Club Lounge. The Club Lounge has all the facilities you would expect like complimentary breakfast until 10.30, complimentary afternoon tea until 4 pm and cocktails from 6 to 8 pm.

Eating at the Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa

Al fresco eating is always a special experience and at Bangkok Marriott Resort, relax overlooking the Chao Phraya River and dine out while being cooled by the waft of a gentle zephyr. Right on the banks of the River of Kings the 11-acre garden offers a tree-shaded retreat from the frustrations of the world.

The Riverside Terrace Restaurant

An extensive choice of seafood is available. The Riverside Terrace’s chefs will create the meal at the tableside. As befits a four star restaurant there is a selection of seafood from fresh prawns, oysters, mussels, BBQ sea food, sushi, sashimi, Teppanyaki or Mongolian wok as well as Thai, Indian and Western favourites the choice is wide ranging and interestingly international.

Market Restaurant’s Asian Touch

The Market Restaurant prides itself on its contemporary Asian décor, the restaurant is flooded with natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the River of Kings and its glass-ceilinged atrium gives the feeling of being in a cool tropical garden.

World Famous Trader Vic’s Bar and Restaurant

Trader Vic’s is the Marriott’s signature bar and restaurant again located overlooking the river and affording sweeping views of Bangkok and of the river’s bridges and the bustling waterway traffic. As the light of day gives way to the velvety darkness of nighttime the city lights reflecting off the river are ideal for contemplating a perfect day and planning the next day’s activities.

Trader Vic’s heart lies with its traditional Chinese wood-fired oven which because the fire is outside the oven preserves the flavours of the meat, their cooking juices are retained in the food adding to their flavours.

A Chocolate Lover’s Heaven

Who can resist chocolate? And at Chocolate Haven at the Numero Uno chocoholics will be in seventh heaven. Chocolate has ancient antecedents and the Aztecs and Mayan civilisations of Central and South America prized the drink as an aphrodisiac.

Trader Vic’s does wonders with chocolate, from milkiest white to the bitterest of dark chocolate the chef creates culinary miracles from a rich Tarte au Chocolat to the splendidly alcoholic Cherry Chocolate Cake to a wondrous Cacao Barry chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, marshmallows and exotic Thai fruits is pure indulgence.

Of course drinks are also available from hot chocolate to iced frappes and chocolate based alcoholic cocktails. The kids are not forgotten either with a plentiful supply of animal-shaped lollipops, waffles and shakes.

Be you a tourist, second honeymooner, on a business trip or just out for fun with the family you really can’t do any better than Bangkok’s own in-city resort at the Marriott Resort and Spa.

The Top Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa Instead of a Traditional Spa

In today’s world, it’s essential to take time out of our busy schedules to relax and take care of ourselves. A spa day is an excellent way to do that, but not all spas are created equal. While traditional spas offer a range of services, medical spas go beyond pampering to offer specialized treatments, advanced technology, and medical professionals on staff. Here are the top reasons to choose a medical spa over a traditional spa.

Medical Spa Treatments: Medical spas offer a variety of medical-grade treatments that traditional spas don’t provide. These treatments are designed to improve your skin’s health and appearance, boost your confidence, and enhance your overall well-being. Some of the most popular medical spa treatments include laser hair removal, chemical peels, and Botox injections. These treatments are performed by medical professionals who have extensive training and experience in their respective fields.

Specialized Treatments: Medical spas offer a range of specialized treatments that traditional spas cannot provide. For example, medical spas offer treatments for acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions that require medical intervention. They also offer treatments for aging skin, such as dermal fillers, which help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These specialized treatments are personalized to your individual needs and goals, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

Medical Professionals on Staff: One of the most significant advantages of visiting a medical spa is the presence of medical professionals on staff. These professionals, including licensed aestheticians, registered nurses, and medical doctors, have extensive training and expertise in their respective fields. They are qualified to perform medical-grade treatments and provide personalized recommendations for your unique needs. Moreover, their presence ensures that the treatments you receive are safe and effective.

Advanced Technology and Equipment: Medical spas use cutting-edge technology and equipment that traditional spas do not have access to. For example, they use lasers and other advanced equipment for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and other treatments. These technologies are more effective and efficient than traditional methods, resulting in better outcomes and faster recovery times. Additionally, medical spas use a personalized approach to treatment planning, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate treatments for your specific needs.

In conclusion, while traditional spas are great for relaxation, medical spas offer a range of specialized treatments, medical professionals on staff, and advanced technology and equipment. These benefits ensure that you receive the best possible treatments and results, whether you’re looking to improve your skin’s health, boost your confidence, or enhance your overall well-being. So why not give a medical spa a try and experience the difference for yourself?

How to Select Effective Acupuncture Points for Disease Healing

Acupuncture, acupressure, and moxibustion are useful healing methods in traditional Chinese medicine. When using these methods for disease treatment, certain acupuncture points, or “acupoints” should be selected. Correct selection of acupuncture points is essential for achieving good efficacy of the treatment. A group of acupuncture points chosen for a treatment is called an acupuncture or moxibustion prescription.

To achieve good effects for disease treatment, acupuncture points should be selected in accordance with Chinese medicine principles and diagnosis. An acupuncture and moxibustion prescription is usually composed of main points for treating the cause or root of the disease, and accessory points for relieving the symptoms.

One common method for choosing acupuncture points is selecting nearby points. This means selecting points in the local area that is adjacent to the diseased place. For example, the acupuncture point Jingming (BL 1) is close to the eyes and can be selected for eye diseases, and the point Tinggong (SI 19) is close to the ears and can be chosen for ear diseases. Another example is the point Zhongwan (CV 12) on the stomach area, and it can be used for gastric diseases.

Another method is the selection of distant points. This refers to the selection of acupuncture points located far from the sick area, usually below the elbows and knees, or near the end of the limbs. For example, the acupuncture point Zusanli (ST 36) on the legs can be used for gastric and abdominal disorders. The acupuncture point Hegu (LI 4) on the hands can be chosen for facial disorders. Another example is the acupuncture point Neiguan (PC 6), which is on the arms, and can be selected for chest diseases. Clinically, selection of nearby points can be combined together with distant points to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Sometimes when pains or diseases occur on one side of the body, the corresponding points of related meridians or channels, usually on the other side which is still healthy, can be chosen. For example, the acupuncture point Quchi (LI 11) on the right elbow can be used for pains on the left arm.

Some acupuncture points are especially effective for certain symptoms. This feature can also be used as a principle for choosing the correct points. Such points are not restricted to the local area. For example, the point Dazhui (GV 14) is usually selected for fever, and Zhigou (TE 6) is a commonly used point for constipation.

Many ancient Chinese medicine classics, such as The Jade Dragon Verse of Using Acupuncture, recorded valuable experience for selecting the most effective points for different diseases. These precious ancient instructions on point selection are still very useful in today’s clinic, as they have been proven by hundreds of years of practice.

How to Find Good Counseling for Your Marriage

You may need marriage Counselling in order to save the marriage that’s started to fall apart. Sometimes dating and courting seems like a breeze for many couples, but being in the marriage is extremely difficult. It is hard to merge the personalities that have to live together for the rest of their lives. It is challenging to be with someone every day, and sometimes you might not know how to find the appropriate compromise. This can lead to fights and very much misery as very many people are not that good at adjusting their personality and their lifestyle to someone else’s.

If you happen to be in a similar situation, what you might need is marriage counseling. If you bring in someone from the outside to discuss and help with your problems, they can get straight to the cause of the problem and help you find resolutions for them. This is especially useful as very many problems are the result of insufficient communication. It is always very important to talk if you want to save the marriage, and it may require a third person that will make sure that you do not start fighting again. Marriage counseling usually happens in the office of counsellor and it’s divided into sessions that may last for up to one hour or maybe even several hours depending on the situation and the couple. When you first and enter into marriage counseling you will probably be talked to about what you thing the problem in the relationship is. It often happens that what we think the problem is, is not the real problem at all. Marriage counselors are trained professionals to find the real problems that are hidden deep underneath those small ones.

You have to know that marriage counselling does not always work. Both of you have to be willing to make this whole thing work if you want to be successful at it. If only one of you wants to succeed, you will fail miserably as a couple. It is important to ask each other if we want to save the marriage and the relationship before going into marriage counseling. It is not easy to be in a relationship. If it was we would experience just a small number of divorces.

You have to be ready to answer very difficult questions, that might seem like very personal ones when you enter marriage counseling. Without this crucial information the counselor will not have what’s necessary to help you solve your difficulties. These questions can be about your sexual life as well as your likes and dislikes. They can get really deep into your personal life, but don’t be afraid, because a good counselor will always promise that they will keep everything secret and that the information that you share with each other will be kept between him and you two.

Beyond Antibiotics

Are there Healthier Options ?

For decades, antibiotics have been the cornerstone of treatment for bacterial infections. Antibiotics have saved many lives during this time. However, doctors have come to rely too heavily on these miracle drugs and the overuse of antibiotics had led to serious problems.

The Crisis of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

According to Dr. Harold C. Neu, of Columbia University in New York, ‘In 1941, a patient could receive 40,000 units of penicillin per day for four days and be cured of a case of pneumococcal pneumonia. Today, a patient could receive 24 million units of penicillin a day and die of pneumococcal meningitis.’ He adds that bacteria that cause infection of the respiratory tract, skin, bladder, bowel, and blood ‘… are now resistant to virtually all of the older antibiotics. The extensive use of antibiotics in the community and hospitals has fuelled this crisis.’

Bacteria develop resistance to drugs when exposed to them for extended periods. Bacteria can also pass the genes for resistance from one type to another. A sort of information superhighway exists among bacteria that allows resistance to spread rapidly among bacteria that have not even been exposed to a particular antibiotic. These and other factors have caused medicine to take a halting look at the current way in which antibiotics are used.

Antibiotic Overuse and Chronic Health Complaints

For all of the potential benefits of antibiotics, a growing list of adverse health consequences has emerged because of antibiotic overused. A small sample of these is listed below: Children with chronic earaches who took amoxicillin experienced 2 to 6 times more recurrent ear infections. 80% of those with chronic fatigue syndrome report a history of chronic antibiotic overuse. Antibiotic overuse may upset intestinal integrity and contribute to rheumatic joint disease. Women with 10 or more health complaints were much more likely to have a history of chronic antibiotic use. Antibiotic overuse can cause changes in the vaginal and bladder environment and contribute to recurrent bladder and vaginal infections. Antibiotic overuse can suppress immune function.

Treat the Bacteria or Treat the Person

Many doctors believe that illness from bacterial infection is far more likely when the immune system is compromised in some manner. Diet, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, social, and psychological factors all influence the immune system in significant ways. When unfavorable changes occur in these areas, immune function may suffer and bacteria may more easily gain a foothold. The treatment of bacterial infection should, therefore, at least include efforts to correct imbalances in these areas.

What Can You Do

Medical scientists and policy makers are trying to reduce excessive antibiotic use by educating doctors and patients about the problems of antibiotic overuse. They are working to develop new drugs, to track infections in hospitals, and to improve public hygiene. These are important efforts, yet they do not address what the individual can do to improve immune function and avoid antibiotics. The best plan to improve immune function is one of overall wellness that includes : Nutrition : low vitamin C and zinc lead to a sluggish immune response. Diet : Excess refined sugar slow the ability of white blood cells to engulf and destroy bacteria. Lifestyle : Sedentary people tend to have more sluggish immune systems. Environment : Solvent chemicals and heavy metals increase susceptibility to infection Psychological : Those under stress are more susceptible to infection.

Natural Remedies

For many common ailments, natural remedies can be extremely helpful. Increasingly, scientific research is confirming time-honored traditions. Below are a few samples: Bladder Infection : unsweetened cranberry juice helps clear bacteria from bladder, as do yogurt and acidophilus. Ear Infections : vast majority of recurrent ear infections improved after removing food allergens from their diet. Upper Respiratory Infection : those who took a sauna once a week experienced half the rate of upper respiratory infections. Intestinal Infection : Homeopathic medicine has been helpful in reducing the incidence of infectious diarrhea in children.

Are Antibiotics Being Overused in Your Care ?

The following guidelines will help you decide if your medical doctor might be prescribing antibiotics too liberally. Add a ‘1’ for each time that applies. Prescribes antibiotics over the phone. Grants a refill of an antibiotic prescription without seeing you or your child. Prescribes antibiotics without at least ordering a differential blood count. Prescribes antibiotics without addressing your diet and nutritional status and lifestyle factors. Prescribes antibiotics after only a brief, cursory examination. Seems to ignore or ‘write off’ your descriptions of adverse antibiotic reactions. Remarks to you that antibiotics are harmless and cause no side effects. Does not take your concerns about antibiotic safety seriously. Prescribes several courses of antibiotics without improvement and simply proceeds to prescribe another antibiotic. Cuts your visit short by handing you a prescription and walking out the door. If the total score is more than 5, you may be receiving antibiotics needlessly. Ask your doctor for a full reevaluation of the situation or seek another opinion.

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The E-mail Life Coach

There are many opinions about what people should do when they need advice on life. Some believe in religion such as going to God for their answers, some believe in psychiatrists and psychologists and recently we’ve noticed celebs in the news such as Britney spears using people called “life coaches” to help them. But I noticed something similar to that offered online to everyone.
There is this website where someone can hire an e-mail life coach Chicago. This life coach is a man that says he is “highly perceptive an excel at helping others,” and that he helps you to help yourself. He charges 35.00 for one month of advice by way of e-mail. You would first e-mail him with a limit of 600 words with questions or problems you have in life and he will e-mail you back with advice. This can go back and forth for one month for your 35.00. He never states on his website that he has any formal training or professional education.

I think that paying money to receive someone’s advice on your life is pointless. I think that there should be plenty of people, actual tangible family or friends who are willing to help you, and give you advice. If you don’t have that, it would make more sense to go to a professional who has had the education or training to help you with your problems. Personally, I believe in the Bible that holds all the answers to all of life’s problems, and I say that not just because it’s my belief or religion but I can truly say first hand that God and the Bible has never failed me. I asked the life coach, who signed his email as “bamboo” what was his views on religion and he responded as “My religious views are that I believe in one God that’s created all things. And while I may gain inspiration from different religions , I do not believe any one of them is absolute truth.” So this means that he doesn’t have clergy experience either.
Mike Gregg of Calumet Park, IL said about the e-mail life coach, If each person has to give him 35.00, then its you who’s helping him. I go to Church, the Bible for help, and its always free! God puts people in our lives every day to help us through. Even difficult people who challenge us, strengthen us and help us, and it’s free.
Angela Marie of Chicago, IL agreed by saying, “I t’s really easy to tell someone what they should be doing to make their life better, its another to give them support, direction and the means to get there. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.”
Life can be difficult and everyone needs some help from time to time and because of that there will be people who try and exploit others to make a buck. Beware of this and realize in your time of need there is always a place of help that you can go to, that don’t cost a thing.